The Financi'Elles federation renews its presidency

05 July 2022
1 min

Paris, June 30th, 2022 - At its annual General Assembly in June 2022, Financi'Elles - the federation of networks dedicated to promoting gender diversity in companies from the banking, insurance and finance sector - elected Martine Reniers as its new co-Chair. Elected for a two-year term alongside Valérie Vitter Mouradian (HSBC), co-Chair since 2021 for the banking sector, Martine Reniers (Swiss Life) succeeds Silvine Laguillaumie-Landon (Malakoff Humanis) as co-Chair for the insurance sector.

Financi'Elles has also welcomed three new networks: Un.e from Banque Postale, Swiss’L from Swiss Life and Elle from My Money Group, which will further strengthen the federation's action. The federation now includes 16 networks, all of which are committed to promoting gender equality and parity. These three new memberships are an important step in the life of Financi'Elles, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in November 2021 in the presence of Christine Lagarde, the federation's Sponsor.

Financi'Elles is the first federation of networks promoting gender diversity within the financial sector. It brings together networks that see gender diversity as a performance factor for organizations. Its ambition is to combine the resources and energies of its member networks to scale up its actions to reinforce gender diversity at every level in the organizations.

At its General Assembly, Financi'Elles praised the work of Silvine Laguillaumie-Landon and her commitment to the federation as co-Chair.

Martine Reniers, co-Chair of Financi'Elles, said: "I am very honored to have been elected co-Chair of Financi'Elles. Alongside Valérie Vitter Mouradian, I will put my convictions and energy into promoting gender diversity in companies so that both women and men can develop their talents and have equal access to training, jobs and positions. As Michelle Obama says, "there is no limit to what we can accomplish as women" “.

Valérie Vitter Mouradian, co-Chair of Financi'Elles adds: "The strength of Financi'Elles is our ability to engage all the key players in the finance sector and to discuss strategic issues related to the promotion of gender diversity. With the increased representation of women at all levels in our organizations over the past 10 years, we can engage our organizations and ecosystems to push for a more visible and profound change”.