Multiply the aura of your network

By joining Financi'Elles, offer members of your network new networker opportunities and grow, to reach the top of organizations in the banking and insurance sectors.

3 good reasons to join Financi'Elles

Act for a new paradigm

By combining the resources and energies of our networks, we act in favour of gender diversity at all hierarchical levels.

Multiply the aura of your network

Your network benefits from all the communication power and visibility offered by Financi'Elles (Media, Ministries..)

Provide new opportunities for your members

Your members can Networker and access ‘Role Models’ and ‘Coaches’ to grow.

Together, we go further

Financi'Elles gathers 15 member networks in the banking and insurance sectors.

Know us better

Financi'Elles 10-year charter

Our white paper

Our federation Financi'Elles

Financi'Elles is the first federation of networks promoting the intra-company diversity of the financial sector and has a mission to contribute to improve and especially accelerate the access of women to the summit of organizations of the financial sector.

They all share the conviction that gender diversity is a key factor for the future success of the financial industry. The ambition of Financi'Elles is to combine the resources and energies of existing or emerging networks for the promotion of gender diversity within the sector, to, based on a common vision and diagnosis, support and multiply the action of each, to the benefit of strengthening gender diversity at all levels of the sector’s companies.